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Covid Care

At SynergyHealthDPC, our goal is to keep you healthy at home.

Should you or any of your family seek to prevent becoming ill with Covid, experience the common symptoms of Covid or have lingering effects of Post Covid Syndrome, please be assured that we offer several different Covid protocol options that are tailored to the individual needs of each patient. Our dedication to making concierge health care affordable for all patients means that everyone can manage their Covid symptoms from the comfort of home.


Please pick from the following Covid at Home options:

If you would like access to the most up-to-date protocol to prevent Covid symptoms, we offer an initial low-cost visit that includes two refills. For patients who would like to continue on the yearly protocol to prevent Covid symptoms, ask us about our low-cost options for monthly or quarterly prescription refills, as well as how to have the vitamins and supplements included in our protocol delivered to your home.

If you have been exposed to Covid, have a positive test for Covid, or are currently experiencing MILD Covid symptoms, loss of smell, fever, nausea, body aches, we offer an initial low-cost visit and can provide you with prescription medications and symptom management utilizing our Covid at Home Protocol. (This option is NOT available if you have breathing issues or oxygen level below 96. Please utilize our Covid at Home Weekly Pass.)

If you are experiencing MODERATE or SEVERE Covid symptoms that may include breathing issues, oxygen level is below 96, altered mental status, persistent pain or pressure in chest, inability staying awake then in order to provide you with the best possible care at the lowest price, we offer a week of Covid at Home care for a flat rate. When Covid symptoms have progressed beyond the initial stage, we offer our patients twice daily assessments, prescribe all necessary medications, remote monitoring of vitals, and have the ability to ship out necessary medical equipment including pulse oximeter, nebulizer and oxygen concentrator.

If you have recovered from a past Covid infection and are currently experiencing Post Covid Syndrome (Long Haul Covid), we offer a low-cost option to help you manage your symptoms with the goal of a full recovery. We take a functional medicine approach to the treatment of symptoms through the utilization of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, diet, and lifestyle changes. We have two different levels of care for Post Covid Syndrome; each start with an initial visit. Should a higher level of care be necessary, the initial visit charge is applied to the monthly plan.

Subsequent follow up visits are at either a per visit rate of $125.00 or a $300.00 flat monthly fee. The monthly plan includes an initial visit, all lab orders, all prescription orders, nutraceutical advice, diet and lifestyle advice and weekly check-ins with your dedicated Patient Care Coordinator.